Design of reconfigurable slot antennas

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Reconfigurable Antennas of Wide Tuning Ranges and... |… In this chapter, a novel design method was proposed for reconfigurable antennas, independent of the geometries and the dimensions of the antennas, providing wide tuning ranges and controllable selectivity. A simple, unspecified S-UWB antenna can be attached to a feeding network to form one... MEMS Switches Make Slot Antennas Reconfigurable |… The students demonstrated a miniature reconfigurable antenna that was designed and fabricated on a high-resistivity silicon substrate.This development relied on slot antennas, which do not increase antenna-element dimensions. They therefore can be used in planar phased arrays. Design Of Reconfigurable CPW-Fed Slot Antenna With… The designed antenna and simulated results are obtained by using Zeland’s Method of Moments based commercial IE3D simulator. The return loss curves, radiation patterns, antenna gain and efficiencies, VSWR curves for...

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Abstract—In this paper, frequency reconfigurable slot-patch antenna with reflector at the back of ... used as a platform to design reconfigurable antenna [6– 12]. Miniaturised reconfigurable window slot antenna using mechanical ... A novel design approach of varying the slot width on radiating patch of a microstrip antenna for achieving reconfigurable dual-band operation is proposed.

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When designing reconfigurable antennas, RF engineers must address three .... Single- and dual-polarized slot-ring antennas with wideband tuning using ... A Compact Integrated UWB/Reconfigurable Microstrip Antenna for ... Y. Tawk, J. Costantine, and C. Christodoulou, Antenna Design for Cognitive ... Printed UWB Slot Antenna With Reconfigurable Band-Notch Characteristics,” ... Design and fabrication of low-cost reconfigurable microstrip antenna ... Feb 17, 2015 ... Design And Simulation Of Microstrip Antenna Of 2.4 GHz Using CST. AIP Conference ... reconfigurable slot antenna was proposed by Gupta et.

Abstract: This project proposes the design of a Reconfigurable Micro Strip Patch Antenna Using MEMS Technology A Reconfigurable Microstrip patch antenna of operating frequency in the range of 5-8 GHz(C- Band), for the application of wireless communication has been designed.

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