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Ficus carica ‘Black Jack Fig’ • Mature Height: 15′ • Mature Width: 15′ • Light Requirements: Full sun • Water Requirements: Deep infrequent water • Fertilizers: Dr Q’s Fruit & Nut Tree Food, 13-7-7, Dr Q’s Organic Fruit & Nut Tree Food, 6-4-4

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Brown Turkey Fig - Fig Trees - Stark Bro's P. Allen Smith likes his Brown Turkey Fig tree and there were no Black Jack fig trees for sale. Michael B on Apr 18, 2019 I have two of these trees already and the figs are delicious, the trees are prolific and beautiful.

About Black Jack Fig Tree... The Black Jack Fig Tree is a large, long, purplish fruit with a strawberry red flesh. When you buy a fig tree such as this one, you will notice it is a very sweet, juicy, and heavy producer. The tree is naturally semi-dwarf and can be kept under 6-8 ft. tall with pruning. Otherwise, it can reach 12-15 ft.

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The BLACK JACK FIG (also known as "Ficus carica 'Black Jack'") is a(n) Deciduous in the Fruit class and part of our Trees department. Rare Fig Tree/Cutting Sales|NJ|Rumson, Monmouth County Fruit-producing fig trees, ... Fig trees grow to between 10 and 30 feet in height and spread. ... BLACK JACK BLACK MISSION BLACK SPANISH BLACK TURKEY Beall Fig Tree — Just Fruits and Exotics Mature Height: 12-15 FT: Mature Width: 8-10 FT : ... the fig tree is ideal for use in the shrubbery border. ... Black Jack Fig Tree $ 39.99. Black Jack Fig - $32.95 : Trees of Antiquity The Black Jack fig tree produces fruit that is large to very large purplish-brown figs. The Black Jack fig has strawberry flesh with a flavor similar to Black Mission ...